We find in the American Anthony Hernandez and the English Paul Graham the same times-out, “slack” periods in intermediate and anonymous places. But 20 years separate the series of Hernandez «Waiting, Sitting, Fishing and some Automobiles» (1978 – 1980) of Graham’s one, more critical, “A Shimmer of Possibility» (2004 – 2006) and the waiting was transformed into roaming and relinquishment.

Anthony Hernandez

Paul Graham



    1. Graham’s series is more critical than Hernandez’s one in the sense of “social” critic.
      In his text “A thing There was that mattered” from the book “Paul Graham” published by Steidl/Mack, David Chandler brings up that subject : “So much of what we see seems to suggest critical social observation….”. Graham’s photography is not of course a “militant” photography but the choice of certain subjects (the poor, the destitute seated alone on the sidewalks, who seem lost, vulnerable and abandoned) reveals something about our society.
      His photography takes a look at some categories of population and the way they live. In a certain way his photography asks some questions about the consumption society and the gap between the haves and the have-nots, especially in the American society.
      A social “concern” that also appears in a more implicit way in the pictures of the supermarkets counters and the suburban houses and also in an older series, this time in UK, “Beyond Caring” shot in 1984-85 in the British unemployment offices.
      Hernandez is less aware of that social aspect.

  1. Etonnante juxtaposition en effet… Je découvre le travail d’Hernandez et c’est une merveille. Quelle justesse du regard ! Entre Lewis Baltz et un Eggleston en noir et blanc.

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